Product Comparisons

Why is the Australian Transcool better?

-Stonger seemless watertight one piece injection moulded plastic body

-Enclosed electrics

-Use either 12v or 24 volt

– Full fan speed range using variable speed control

-Low battery voltage  shut off protection

– Easier fill via lid

– Free 240 volt transformer

-Free return postage for warranty work if required

Transcool units prior to the EC3 model had been manufactured in the USA.

The Australian Transcool EC3  was significantly improved to overcome reliability problems we experienced with some of the American made units.

The American unit is constructed using the cheaper technique of gluing flat pieces of plastic together to form a ‘watertight’ container.

By comparison, the Transcool EC3 is manufactured using durable ABS plastic, injection moulded to form a strong and seamless watertight container. The injection moulding process is more expensive, but essential to provide you with the strongest, most robust unit available.

The American unit is also prone to corrosion with its openly exposed fan speed switch- a problem the Transcool EC3 has overcome by using a moisture proof electrical enclosure.

Water is more easily added to the Transcool EC3 unit through a flip top lid.

This is a major advantage over the ‘flap’ style side fill lid in the American unit, which is not only awkward to fill, but also tends to cause an annoying rattle over bumpy terrain when not in use.

Damage due to overfilling the Transcool EC3 is avoided with the unit incorporating excess water ‘drain off’ in its design.

The Transcool EC3 also features water baffling that enables the unit to be used in moving vehicles.

Our filters are incredibly effective and have a life expectancy double that of the US product. (Our Filter price also includes postage.)

We provide a 12 month warranty with fast local turnaround service when and if required.

The Americans have chosen to publish disparaging remarks about us, along with misleading product comparisons.

We simply aim to deliver you the most effective and reliable product available.

Nothing good is cheap.. and nothing cheap is good.

We are being crippled by overseas manufacturers, we are trying to support our local community

Keep it local, Buy Australian.


Test results below with the Companion & Lion brand products demonstrate the Transcool EC3’s advantage in providing you with far greater-

      1/ Cooler air temperature.
      2/ Air velocity to stay cool further away from unit
      3/ Air volume for more effective cooling in larger areas.
      4/ Solid and durable construction.
      5/ More Stable
      6/ Can be used in moving vehicles

1. Transcool EC3 –

Max. Fan Air Volume –240 cfm

High fan speed air velocity readings-

  • 1/ At vent -2187 ft/min.
  • 2/ At 1 metre-1741 ft/min.
  • 3/ At 2 metres-1253 ft/min
  • Cooling Efficiency-
  • 1/ At 10 Minutes- 18.3C = 31.4% cooler
  • 2/ At 20 Minutes-18.1C = 32% cooler-

Max Current-12 Volt- 1.7 Amps

2.Companion Comp 378-

    Max. Fan Air Volume –36 cfm

High fan speed air velocity readings –

  • 1/ At vent -1266 ft/min.
  • 2/ At 1 metre-314 ft/min.
  • 3/ At 2 metres- did not register

    Cooling Efficiency-

  • 1/ At 10 Minutes- 21.7C= 18.72% cooler
  • 2/ At 20 Minutes-21.7C= 18.72% cooler

    Max Current- 6 Volt- 1.0 Amps

3. Lion LA535E-

   Max. Fan Air Volume –30 cfm

High fan speed air velocity readings –

  • 1/ At vent -745 ft/min.
  • 2/ At 1 metre-276 ft/min.
  • 3/ At 2 metres-did not register

Cooling Efficiency*-

  • 1/ At 10 Minutes- 25.2C= 0.05% cooler
  • 2/ At 20 Minutes-23.8C= 0.1% cooler
  • Max Current-
  • 0.6 Amps

 The Transcool EC3 has more cooler air  on ‘low speed’ than the others on ‘high speed’

The Transcool EC3 is a sturdy, robust unit that can be used in moving vehicles.

*( Test conditions-Ambient 26.7C, 33% Relative Humidity in room,Temperature taken at vent)

Test results taken indoors using Digitech & TSI Velocical equipment.



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Peter Donegan- Managing Director