Transcool T5 Evaporative Air Cooler


The all new Transcool T5 Evaporative Air Conditioner / Cooler

* Not available to customers outside Australia


   Powerful- Quiet- Compact- Lightweight


The T5 is the solution if you are chasing more airflow for larger areas.


*Remote Control

*Powerful 12 Volt DC fan with 3 Speed settings-

*Air volume:400-600m3/hr

*Whisper Quiet operation

*Low Current Draw   *Low -1 Amp  *Medium- 2 Amps  *High-3 Amps

*Light- Only 4.6kg Dry weight

*Use with 110-240 volt AC (Household electricity) or 12 Volt DC power (cigarette socket)

*Huge 6 litre tank- cooling comfort for up to 18 hrs

*Timer settings- set by the hour from 1 to 12 hrs

*Swing louver

*12 Month Warranty

*28cm (L) 28cm (W) 65cm (H)  without castor wheels

*71cm (H) with wheels attached



What it won’t do!


Please remember that Transcool (or any other brand 12 volt evaporative cooler) will not cool down an entire room, car or cabin to ‘x’ degrees like a refrigerated split system Air Conditioner that require mains power electricity or engine driven compressors to operate!

It is a personal ‘spot cooler’ to provide personal relief by blowing cool air over the user whilst in front of the unit





Shipping Costs-

Australia Wide          $30 AUD




87 in stock


The T5 is the perfect solution for keeping you cool in larger areas

The T5 is whisper quiet, even at maximum fan speed

The T5 ,like the EC3-F  WILL NOT necessarily cool down a room to a certain temperature, but simply blow a fantastic cool breeze over you while it is facing you!

After being tested Australia wide over a 12 month period, The T5 has proven itself to be very effective in all conditions!!

NOTE-The T5 is for stationary operation and is not suitable for use in moving vehicles

The T5 cannot be used in 24 Volt vehicles

The Transcool T5 is made in China to our exact specifications using the highest quality components

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Additional information

Weight 4.5 kg
Dimensions 28 x 28 x 65 cm


What is it?
How cold will the Transcool T5 12 volt air cooler make my cabin or room?
Will the Transcool portable air cooler cool my room or vehicle like a built in air conditioner?
How long will the T5 water last?
What happens if my T5 runs out of water?
Will the Transcool work in humid areas?
How long will my battery last?
How much noise?
Warranty terms and conditions
Return terms and conditions

Brochure T5 PDF

Transcool T5 A5 Flyer


Click here to Download/View Instruction Manual

Warranty & Returns

** Transcool warrants 12 months from date of purchase any T5 that does not perform correctly due to defects caused by faulty workmanship or materials. Our obligation assumed under this warranty is to the repair or replacement of the parts, without charge, which are defective and have not been misused, carelessly handled or defaced by repairs made or attempted by others. Consequential damages due to this product are not covered.

Warranty excludes air filter and external water tank.

The warranty is only valid if purchase receipt is supplied.

Warranty is not transferable with secondary sale of Transcool after original purchase, warranty is only valid with original purchaser.

The product can be returned free of charge (for warranty repairs) by you using our  prepaid return postage feature.

Returns are accepted as per ACCC consumer laws which states a refund is only given if the item is faulty or does not match product description – so please read FAQ’s carefully as we outline exactly what the Transcool will, and will not do.

Refund only given within 5 Days of purchase, Refund is unit purchase price less 20% (*refund does not include shipping cost if applicable)

Buyer is liable to pay return shipping

Item must be unmarked, complete and in original packaging with copy of purchase receipt.

Unit will be inspected by us upon return before refund is given.