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Portable Evaporative Cooler | Caravan Air Conditioner


Coolest Air delivery*

Transcool E3 is Designed & Constructed in Australia

Compact & Light

Use stationary or mobile

Use 12v, 24v or AC mains electrical power

Environmentally friendly

Energy efficient-low power draw

Adjustable vents to direct airflow- Keep dogs cool in your vehicle


See the Dual voltage E3 in action

Watch and see why Transcool is the only choice for portable evaporative cooling!


Perfect to help cool you in your Camper
Perfect to help cool you in your Tent
Perfect to help cool you in your Tractor
Perfect for keeping your pets cool
Introducing The Ultimate 12 Volt Portable Evaporative Air Conditioner

Whether you’re battling dry heat in a tent or suffering through humidity on a boat, one of Transcool’s 12 volt units is for you. A favourite of people around Australia, the Transcool delivers cooling when and where you need it. A portable evaporative cooling system like no other, it’s the best way to stay comfortable no matter what kind of heat you’re up against.

Transcool – Portable Evaporative Air Cooling Since 2002

One of the Transcool’s greatest strengths is its versatility. Delivering real comfort in a small package, these are the portable evaporative air conditioning units you need when you’re four-wheeling out in the Australian bush, setting up tent in the outback or taking a Sunday drive in a vehicle without factory air conditioning.
Whether you’re stepping behind the wheel of a vintage car, a boat or agricultural equipment, the Transcool EC3 is the ideal in-vehicle portable cooling unit to help provide some personal comfort. Its small size means it will comfortably fit into even the tightest cabins, tents and caravans, keeping you cool on even the hottest days. Choosing an evaporative system over a simple fan means you won’t just be blowing hot air into your face. The 12 volt Transcool’s efficient design means you’ll get hours of use from its 1.8 litre tank, perfect for even the longest days in the driver’s seat. For those times when you need cooling for the maximum amount of time, we also supply a free five-litre external tank free with every Transcool unit.

What Your Air Cooler Won’t Do!

Please remember that the 12 volt Transcool (or any other brand of 12 volt portable evaporative cooler) won’t necessarily cool down an entire room, car or cabin to ‘x’ degrees like a refrigerated split system Air Conditioner that requires mains power electricity or engine driven compressors for cooling! It performs best in smaller spaces like caravans, cars, tents and boats.
Be very wary when you see cheaper portable evaporative coolers with often misleading claims of being able to ‘cool your room for pennies’!


It is the best portable ‘spot cooler’ to provide personal relief by blowing cool air over the user whilst in front of the units-A great companion for comfort on a hot Australian summers night! We even have pet air conditioners if you’re looking to make sure your furry companions aren’t sweltering through the heat.
Need air conditioning for a larger area like small workshop or deluxe caravan? Checkout the Transcool T5 Evaporative Air Cooler, the best in portable cooling

Looking for Cool Relief to Beat the Summer Heat ?