Portable Lithium Power Pack

Use your Transcool E3 when out and about with this Portable Lightweight  Lithium Power Pack.

Power your Transcool E3 for up to 12 hours on HIGH fan speed, and up to 30 hrs on LOW fan speed.

22Ah @12 VDC   -(266 Watt hr )

72000mAh@ 3.7 VDC)

1x DC12V/15A Cigarette socket to power your Transcool or other 12v appliances

1x  DC5V/2.1A USB sockets to recharge or power your mobile phones etc

2x USB-C Socket

Wireless Phone Charging- 10W 

Weight- 1.3kg 

Size: 23*13*4.5cm

Recharge using AC electricity, or 12 v car cigarette socket when driving, or use your own solar panel.

This battery pack is versatile-you can also power your laptop computer with adjustable power output ranging from 12v-16v-19v or 21 volts.

12 Month Warranty