Portable 12 Volt Diesel Heater


Portable 12 Volt Diesel Heater

$799.00 AUD

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Stay warm anywhere with this totally portable 12 Volt Diesel heater.

Buy as a stand alone portable unit or in parts as a DIY kit  (Info below)

Manufactured by the worlds leading supplier of 12 v parking heaters using the latest high quality components, including steel casing and die cast alloy base alloy.

2 flexible ducts are supplied , one air inlet and one outlet tube giving you the ability to recirculate the cabin air to provide better heating efficiency and economy.

Simple place on the ground- fill with 5L diesel, direct air vents where you want hot air, plug in to a 12v power source and go!

Power 5000W heating capacity will easily warm any caravan or RV.

High tech LED control panel, and remote control featuring-

Adjustable heating power output from 1400W to 5000W

Adjustable temperature output in degrees Celsius.

Adjustable timer- set the start time and shutdown time for the heater.

12 month warranty

Can produce air up to 70˚ C at the outlet duct.





Stay warm anywhere with this totally portable 12 Volt Diesel heater.

Discover the Ultimate Portable 12V Heaters: Unveiling the Power of 12V Diesel Heaters for Caravans!

Experience top-tier comfort with our cutting-edge 12V diesel heaters, proudly brought to you by the world’s leading supplier in parking heating solutions. Crafted with the latest high-quality components, including a robust steel casing and a durable die-cast alloy base, our heaters guarantee unmatched performance and longevity.

Included in the package are two versatile flexible ducts, comprising an air inlet and an outlet tube. This dynamic duo empowers you to optimize cabin air recirculation, effectively boosting heating efficiency while maximizing your fuel economy.

Getting cozy is a breeze – simply position the heater, load it up with 5 litres of diesel, direct the air vents for your preferred airflow, plug into any 12V power source, and you’re all set for a journey of warmth and comfort!

Empowered by a commanding 5000W heating capacity, these heaters are engineered to effortlessly warm up caravans and RVs of all sizes, ensuring you stay snug even on the chilliest adventures.

Embrace the future with our high-tech LED control panel and handy remote control, which boast an array of features:

  • Tailor your comfort with adjustable heating power output, ranging seamlessly from 1400W to a robust 5000W, adapting to your exact needs.
  • Fine-tune your environment with adjustable temperature settings, giving you the power to select the perfect degree Celsius for your comfort.
  • Take full control of your heater’s schedule with an adjustable timer function. Set your desired start and shutdown times effortlessly.

We stand by the quality of our product, offering a comprehensive 12-month warranty for your peace of mind.

Experience the exhilaration of air heated up to a toasty 70˚C at the outlet duct, ensuring a continuous stream of warmth that envelopes you throughout your journey.

Upgrade your comfort game with our revolutionary 12V caravan heaters – the epitome of portable, efficient, and reliable heating solutions for your every adventure.

Buy as a stand alone portable unit or in parts as a DIY kit  (State ‘Assembled or Kit at checkout)


We do not ship this product overseas.




10kg Net weight

40cm (L) x 35(H) x 36cm(L)

Initial startup current- 10Amp Max (Only for 2-3 mins)

Operating Current-

1400w=0.5  Amp

2000W=1 Amp

3000W=2.5 Amp

4000W=4 Amp

5000W= 4.5Amp

Noise-70dB max.

LED Control panel displaying-

-Heating power in kW

-Heating temperature in degrees Celsius

-Adjustable timer to set operating times

-Ambient Temperature

-Height above sea level

-Fuel Level

5 Litre Fuel tank

Fuel Usage-

Low Heat- 0.2L per hour

Max Heat-0.6L per hour

Warranty-12 months from purchase.

Warranty & Returns

Warranty & Returns

* Donegan Assistance Group warrants 12 months from date of purchase any unit that does not perform correctly due to defects caused by faulty workmanship or materials. Our obligation assumed under this warranty is to the repair or replacement of the parts, without charge, which are defective and have not been misused, carelessly handled or defaced by repairs made or attempted by others. Consequential damages due to this product are not covered.

The warranty is only valid if purchase receipt is supplied.

Warranty is not transferable with secondary sale of heater after original purchase, warranty is only valid with original purchaser.

The product can be returned free of charge (for warranty repairs) by you using our  prepaid return postage feature.

Returns are accepted as per ACCC consumer laws which states a refund is only given if the item is faulty or does not match product description – so please read FAQ’s carefully as we outline exactly what the heater will, and will not do.

Refund only given within 7 Days of purchase, Refund is unit purchase price less 20% restocking fee (*refund does not include shipping cost if applicable)

Buyer is responsible for return shipping costs

Item must be unmarked, complete and in well protected packaging with copy of purchase receipt.

Unit will be inspected by us upon return before refund is given.

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